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Welcome to The Conservative Way!

Our mission is to provide clear, concise commentary on the events in the nation and the world to balance out the liberal left media. We aim to educate Americans on the way of the Conservative and what that really means. We will provide a team of writers from all across America to share their insights, observations, thoughts and opinions on the troubles facing the United States of America.

    We pledge to be:

  • Educational – we will take the time to explain as many of the whys and how-comes as possible
  • Mature – we will not engage in simple name-calling (poo-poo head!), though we might help identify some idiots
  • Intelligent – we do not claim to be geniuses but merely smarter than the average bear
  • Inviting – we welcome and encourage thoughtful feedback and questions, discussion and mutual enlightenment is crucial
  • Clean & Positive – we will keep discussion and language work safe and mom friendly
  • Credible – we will cite sources and point you to the facts that helped us form our conclusions

* * *

Biff Boswell – Executive Editor, TheConservativeWay.com. “The Next Conservative Field Marshal”
Biff is a U.S. Air Force and Iraqi War veteran (Balad AB ’06) using the G.I. Bill to finish up a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations with a second major in Graphic Design at the University of Miami in Florida. Biff started the Young Republicans at his high school and is active with the Florida College Republicans today.

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